A Series… Coming Soon.

Well things at the new house are slowly moving along. The knitting nook is an area that will be a future adventure, once the floors are finished and we’ve bought a new couch. LOL. So for now my bed and mini desk make up for the difference of an actual knitting nook.

Specifically in news of this blog, I’ve decided that I’m going to blog a weekly series of my process of going through designing a baby sweater for my friend’s baby. I’m quite excited about this endeavor. I have a rough outline prepared and a good idea of where I’m hoping to go with it. So over the next few weeks, I’ll be fleshing it out in more definite terms and possibly even starting it. So keep a close eye on the blog or my twitter and you may see something new and fun.

I’m excited about this. It’ll be fun. Full of failures, successes, and various other surprises I’m sure.

I will keep you posted on when it looks like it will start.



A moment’s peace…

Today is a hard day. I’m tired. Very tired. I’ve been moving, packing, washing, cleaning, and painting floors with polyurethane. I feel quite handy in that aspect of things now. Accomplished even.  I am for the moment at home with cats surrounding me, washing clothes. And while they spin, I type to you. I am here to take a moment and breathe. In. Out. In. Out. Ah, that was refreshing.

As I sit here trying desperately to relax and not think of the millions of tasks I have before me and, quite honestly not all the energy necessary to do them… I think… hmmm… I have almost finished my knitting nook area. I have one last coat of varnish to put on the floor tonight. (SIGH) Then by Tuesday, we can move all the stuff in the great room to the knitting nook and I can do the floors in there. Yay! What fun! But ignoring that last bit for a moment, I can tell you that I can imagine my knitting nook/office space to be splendid. I have a large door wall with lots of natural light, lots of space to put book shelves and other knitting things. I see various pictures on the walls, a comfortable chair to knit in, lamps and lighting. I’ll have my laptop and printer in there too. I, also, see a big corkboard and some organizational items too. I am really excited about the transformation that will come about soon.

So sometime, I suspect mid Feb, I will actually have my knitting nook.  I will for now hold off on any knitting resolutions that I have made and subsequently forgotten during the moving process. I figure my knitting New Year will start mid Feb like everything else in my life. Because by that point, I should be able to figure out where things are or they will have made it to their specific places in the new house.

This was a lovely break from the craziness that has been ensuing and now it’s time to think of other things I should be doing.

Kristin – who can’t wait to be done moving!

No Closer…

I am sadly no closer to completing my knitting calendar than I am actually to moving or packing. SIGH! At this point, it seems fruitless to try. I’ve got some ideas of what to add to my knitting calendar, but right now it’s just not feasible for me to plan it out. I have a potential Ravelry sale that will allow me to buy my baby gift yarn. Let’s hope she still wants the yarn… so… yeah, no calendar. I will hopefully complete one come February-ish once I’ve moved into the new house! Yay! New House! I can’t wait.

I think today will be a trip to Target or possible Lowes or Home Depot for plastic tubs. I’ve filled one tub very full of knitting books and it’s really quite heavy.  I have a whole other book shelf that I have to pack away. That’s going to be fun. I also have to pack up tons of little things. It’s hard, however, to pack when you’re still living with it and using it. I don’t want to leave it all to the last minute, but so many items are regular use items. Oh well. On a good note I donated 2 bags of clothes to the Salvation Army and just have to drop off a few dresses from weddings I was in and my prom dress. That will definitely help on lightening my clothing load. I had a major score shopping trip at IKEA this week. They had a clearance item marked down from $179 to $29.99. I needed a wardrobe because the closet I’m moving to is virtually non-existent. So with that heavy, but fabulously inexpensive piece of furniture I think I may have like hopefully doubled my closet space. J

Well now it’s time for me to go… Target here I come. Tubs, be prepared to be filled… and hopefully I’ll actually complete that knitting calendar as one of my resolutions. Which reminds me… I need to go review that post to remember what I put down.



Ok, I’ve been thinking long and hard about my Knitting Calendar. What do I hope to achieve in this year of knitting? What can I realistically knit in a given time frame? What can I afford to knit? I’m hoping that I can find the time to go through all of my knitting books and magazines and pick out some patterns that I want to make and can accomplish in a 4-6 week time period. First off, though I have to finish my Favorite Sweater by Wendy Bernard. I figure that if I pick about 5-6 really cool projects to make for the year, I can intersperse with some fun little projects too. Also, I have a baby to knit for by April! Must start in Feb, at least, to ensure I don’t fall behind.

One major thing to do… is finish my Textured Circle Shrug… it’s been stuffed in a closet wasting away because I just haven’t wanted to rip out all the stitches that I just picked up and to do them again, since I came out with the wrong count. SIGH! Picking up some 200 stitches and then knitting them until its done just seems a bit much. LOL! I’ll will finish it though! I will!

Well hopefully, my next blog will have actual projects that I plan to make for the next year or so and maybe some surprises thrown in there depending on what comes out this year.

Until next time, keep knitting and take care!


Welcome to 2010! I can say that I am shocked that it’s here already! Where has the time gone! I am happy to be starting out on a New Year. Lots of new and exciting things happening for me… First, I’m moving to a real live house! I’m so happy to be done with apartment living for a while. I’m tired of screaming neighbors and broken windows and too thin walls. I’ll have lots of space to spread out, making a nice work area for myself in which I plan to set up a nice knitting nook.

Speaking of my soon to exist knitting nook, I have some New Year’s Knitting Resolutions for myself.

1. Set up a Knitting Calendar and plan out some projects from the year to knit for myself.

2. Learn instarsa. I’ve learned to knit simple cables, now onto simple color work.

3. Design my own sweater pattern.

4. Submit a knitting pattern to Knitty.com

5. Increase my cabling skills to more advanced cabling skills.

6. Knit some baby knits for designs and friends!

I think that is more than enough! I really hope that I can achieve all these goals to better my knitting self. I think I made attainable goals I can certainly get them all done! Calendar coming soon!

So next up on my agenda is that I’m going to get cracking on finishing the sweater I have started, which I will eventually post up on here, but I’m making the Favorite Cardigan by Wendy Bernard. It’s in her Custom Knits book!

Well that’s all for now! I will definitely try very hard to keep this blog up-to-date and not left all by itself for months on end.


Lace Knitting and Me…

is a wee bit troublesome. I haven’t gotten the hang on it yet. I keep making mistakes on row 1. It’s almost like I’ve started knitting again. I know how to do all the steps but getting them to work together is just not happening. Grrr….

I have some yarn that I bought from Stefanie Japel’s etsy shop and I wanted to do one of her lace projects… I just can’t get it. Gah! I then decided to try on some yarn I have a ton of and another lace pattern I found in a stitch pattern book. So I started that… and failed again. I’m going to  have to sit down and try some more. I think once I get past the first row…LOL.. I should be alright.  SIGH!

Anyone have any helpful suggestions on knitting lace for the first time?


Finished Knit!! Woot!

So tonight I finished the second Reclamation Scarf out of Mirasol Miski 100% Baby Llama yarn in a beautiful orange color. It’s so soft and light and airy. I’m definitely going to wear it to work. I have to go plan an outfit for it now. I’ll have a final Finished Object picture tomorrow, when it’s not nearly 2:30 in the morning.

My new project on my needles is a pattern that I got from Stefanie Japel when I bought some hand dyed bamboo yarn that she sold in her Etsy shop. This project is a little slow going for me because I’ve never knit a lace pattern before nor have I done it from reading a chart. So this is all new to me. I intend on hitting up Knitty.com and checking out what articles they have on reading lace knitting charts. I need some hints and tips because I keep getting confused and I’m just not sure how to best go about it. I’ll let you all know soon what I find.

I always find that I have more on my mind to do then I can actually accomplish. That is so annoying. I have 2 other balls of Miski in lilac and lavender and want to make little scarves to wear but I also want to be knitting up some sample swatches and get on with designing a sweater for myself and that I could possibly submit to knitty.com to have published. That is a goal of mine. 🙂 To get my patterns published. I really hope it’s something that I can soon accomplish. But we’ll have to see. I think I’ll take the next week or so to knit up these skeins and then move on to using the yarn I have on hand in a large quantity to make something lovely for myself and hopefully submit it.

That’s all for now. I’ll have pictures tomorrow and you can see the finished Reclamation Scarf Miski style. 🙂


Well I’ve been naughty…

And don’t I know it. I’ve been bad about posting and updating this ole blog. Bad, Kristin! Bad!

Well for other reasons life has been rough and I’ve been busy. Isn’t that the story for the world? At any rate, I’ve been buying some of my favorite fuzzy, fluffy yarn. I’ve been scoping out people with single skeins of Mirasol Miski Yarn on Ravelry. I have 2 orange skeins, 1 of each cream, lilac, and lavender.  I love this yarn so. I’m currently winding it into  center pull balls so I can run off and knit. I have my 2nd Reclamation Scarf on the needles right now in orange. That’ll use up one skein of the orange and I’m still trying to think of what to make with the cream and orange one. I have a yearning desire to design something with stripes.  The lilac and lavendar balls are going to be some other one skein scarves that I got the patterns for when I bought some yarn dyed by Stefanie on her Etsy shop.

So what have I been up to in terms of knitting? Not as much as I like, but I have finished one Reclamation Scarf in Reynolds Smile and have a second one on the needles now. 🙂 I plans to make those other 2 scarves and then move back to finishing the TCS.

Check out the Current Projects page and the Finished Knits page to see what I’m currently doing or have finished.

I’ll try to be a better blogger.


With recent job hour changes for a temporary period,  jury duty that started today and lasts until the beginning of next week, and all sorts of life activities getting in my way… I’ve not had the time to commit to my knitting as I would like.  I also need to take into account that it is summer and for me, my boyfriend, and his daughter… we’re exceptionally busy. So the time to knit has decreased.

I have been working on my textured circle shrug by Stefanie Japel. I’m to the point of picking up the stitches but am running short on picking them up correctly. I need to rip out and start again. 😦

I am working on a buttony-vesty thing to knit up and get out on the blog for purchase.

Wish me luck!

I must go now and get to bed, jury duty in the morning.


…I’ve been working on my Granny’s hat for a while now. It’s nearly done. I’m just shaping the top. It’s got a long bit of ribbing, an increase row, and that’s about it. The colorway is amazing looking though. I love it. My boyfriend’s daughter loved it so much that I’m making her some wrist warmers – she calls them arm coozies – and a cute hat for her. She’s super excited and is ready and waiting for me to make her a sweater. I smell a knitter being born there. I’m hoping that soon when she turns 7 that I can teach her. She’s still to easily discouraged when things don’t go right and I really want knitting to be something she can enjoy.

I have finished all the body part of the TCS, I still need to pick up the stitches and get the collar done so I can wear the blasted thing. I just haven’t had too much time and it’s been way easier to knit on the hat when I’m running low on time.

I confess as well that I’ve been reading more knitting mysteries. I read the second book of the knitting mystery series by Maggie Sefton – Needled to Death. It was a cute story. I enjoyed it and all the fun stuff I get to learn while I’m at it. I also enjoy getting cute patterns and recipes. I’m a sucker for both of those.

So there’s an update of things going on. Next after this… I’ll be taking my notes on the Granny hat and writing up a free pattern for everyone to hopefully enjoy!

Talk (and Knit) Soon,